Intel vs AMD: How Do They Stack Up?

How do AMD and Intel processors compare? This is rather controversial. Also known as the processing unit, the processor makes all decisions in the computer. You can think of it as a brain box. There are many considerations to be made when choosing processors. In addition to knowing the clock speed that you require, you will be required to make a choice between AMD and Intel – the two biggest brands currently. There’s a large debate among fans of these two processors. With the same teams comparing AMD and NVIDIA graphics cards as well. I will save you the biased hearsay. Let’s cover different components.

  1. On Pricing

AMD processors were conventionally cheaper. This used to be a rule of thumb. Because of this, bargain shoppers always landed hot deals. Things have changed. Back then AMD was an entry-level processor manufacturer gaining traction. They did this to entice us. They revised their pricing model and these days it’s hard landing a good deal. Ryzen processors have shown us that AMD is capable of pulling high-end stunts. Their Quad Core Athlon X4 offers stellar performance even without being complemented by a graphics card. AMD processors aren’t cheaper. This is a marketing gimmick. Looking at their products closely, you will realize that they don’t have many high-end processors. This is just a marketing gimmick.

  1. On Performance

Perhaps this is the biggest consideration that you have to make. You’re looking for the fastest processor and at the least price. If you’re looking for an impressive processor and budget isn’t a constraint go get an Intel one. Their latest models, the Santa Clara series are giving Intel a run for their money – literally. They’ve consistently outranked Intel’s equivalent processors (albeit with a small margin). The only drawback about them is that they emit too much heat due to an ineffective thermal design. I doubt if this will be a deal breaker though

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