Cloud computing is a persuasive business model that is used by several organizations. The analyst firms predict a growth in the usage of the cloud data storage. By the use of the cloud, the IT costs can be changed from a capital infrastructure to an operating expense. Data recovery from the cloud is among the concepts that are trending in the technology. Disaster recovery from the cloud is not a perfect solution but it has shortcomings and challenges which needs to be understood. Since the clouds are accessed by the interior, the bandwidth also needs to be understood.

The cloud backup is managed by a cloud storage provider who gives a remote access to the customers with a log in App.With the App, one can back up the files from the cloud with the use of the encryption key. It can also be backed up to the server on a scheduled basic. This is what is termed as the cloud sync. It becomes so easy to lose data. If you make a mistake of removing the data from the cloud folder without syncing first, it can be moved from the cloud server. Accidents do happen and they can be undone if necessary. The cloud services are the same.You can upload the files and sync them to the clients who are connected to it.In many occasions, accidents happen and wrong files ends up being deleted from the cloud. The backup client software that is installed by Mac helps a lot in securing the cloud data.

There several data storage devices that can help in recovering data that is lost from the cloud. The common ones are the drop box, google drive as well as the Microsoft one drive. The drop box keeps the deleted files differently when compared to the google drive and the Microsoft one drive. In the dropbox, there is no trash nor a recycle bin.To recover the files from the cloud, one needs to go up to the folder that contained the lost files and unhide them. From there he needs to click the icon in the upper right corner. This will show the list of the deleted files from the cloud. On the other hand, you can also choose the option of show deleted. The deleted files will show up in grey.From there you will have to right click the dialog box that will help you in restoring the files.

When using the Google drive, you need to click the trash icon and then locate the side bar.You might be surprised to see all the files that were deleted from the cloud. To restore the files, you need to select one or select several files and right click for the restore menu to appear

Microsoft one drive moves the deleted files to the recycle bin that is located on the on the bottom left corner of the navigation panel. What you need to do is to open the recycle bin and restore the files that you need.