Easy 5 Steps on How to Build the Right Computer

Have you been dreaming of that new computer or just haven’t been able to find the perfect computer in store? Building a computer can be an overwhelming work but at the same time a rewarding experience. This is because as you build a computer, you also learn many things about computer hardware. It is essential to define the purpose of the machine that you are planning to build. From there you can be able to budget and purchase the correct parts.

These are some of the essential computer component that you should first put together

Case- This is the box that holds all the computer component inside.

Power supply – This is the power crossing point between the computer and the wall plug. It takes power from the wall and regulates it to the motherboard and all the processor.

Motherboard – This is the core of the computer since all other component connects to it

Processor/CPU – This works as the brain of a computer for it where most of the computation takes place.

RAM [Random Access Memory]- This is for Dictating the quantity of memory the computer has for handling items. It is essential for a computer to have more RAM since it will be able to handle more detail at once.

Hard Drive – is where all programs and data and the operating system are stored. It is not like RAM since it keeps all the data even when the computer is powered down.

Case — This is crucial for storing as well as cooling the components.

Visuals card — Used to reduce images on the computer. Though most processors come with an in-built graphics processing unit (GPU), you can buy a loyal graphics card so that the computer can be used for thorough editing or even gaming.

The Extras– Most motherboards you buy are going to come with a lot built in, making extra items like ethernet adapters, wi-fi capabilities, and sound cards useless to purchase. Check your motherboard, and then determine what you want to spend extra money on, if any.

This step by step guide is intended for anyone that is looking to build their own computer. By doing this, you will be saving money and most likely having a pretty fast computer at the end of the process.

After you have assembled all the component, then follow this step to build a right computer.

1. Get ready the case: prepare the case for the fix by getting rid of both side panels of the case. The decide how to route the case cables to be able to manage the cable well.

2. Connect components on the motherboard: make sure you install the right parts that are of the outer case, such as CPU, CPU Heatsink Fan as well as Memory.

Put in the hard drive. The process of fixing the hard drive depending on the case. Therefore, it is essential to read the guidelines on the case to get more instruction.

3. Install the RAM: look for the RAM holes on the motherboard and without even forcing them, they move without difficulty.

4. Install the power supply: Installing the power supply is very easy. Although Some cases have their Power Supply placed differently, they come with the documentation. So you need to check the motherboard document well to find the position of the power plugs.

5. Install the Operating System: This is the most critical part for you will install the operating system(OS) that will be running. Here you will have several options that will run the PC windows.