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He settled his head on the bed between her thighs, reached for her crotch. She spread her legs wider, he grabbed her hips, and his tongue prowled her sweet slit. For a while, clasping her hands to her chest, she did not feel anything. As he sucked in her all sexy photo, the painful pulling sensation made her flinch. He pulled her hand and she fell on his stomach.

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"Damn you guessed it, bitches entrance to almost all significant departments of the company was carried out by a retinal scan," Mary thought gloatingly. While everyone was all sexy photo around, another contestant, a fiery redhead, a very young girl with two pigtails, entered the hall. She was dressed in some kind of monstrous flowered dress to the floor and a short denim jacket, spreading over an impressive chest. She walked quite confidently, without looking at the contestants, went straight to Paul and handed him a temporary pass. Paul glanced at the photo, measured the girl with his eyes all sexy photo nodded. Mary studied her, trying to understand what kind of bird it was: close-set eyes, large mouth, full lips, ruddy and snub-nosed, completely not meeting. The company's beauty standards.

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