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Olga's tongue was suspended, it was emma butt hot in vain that Ali appreciated her as a saleswoman, she could snatch the most rotten product to the buyer and he would not immediately. Understand that emma butt hot was deceived. In general, she persuaded Pashka's mother, teacher Tatyana Petrovna, to become a surety in the bank, and mortgaged her one-room apartment in Presnya. Where she lived with her son. Olga told her that she herself would pay to the bank and Tatyana Petrovna, only she would have to count the profit. At first, everything went smoothly for them, Olga and my mother left Ali and opened their own store. Vbuhav into it almost all the money received in the bank, because a place in Moscow is expensive. And they rented the store, and even had to buy a truck "Gazelle", Olga had the right and drove the car herself.

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